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About Mikael Hastrup

As the founder and CEO of PropBidder, Mikael Hastrup has leveraged his background in technology and finance to make a meaningful impact in the world. He recognizes that while it’s impossible to predict the future, he is committed to creating technology solutions that add value to society. Through his leadership, he aspires to inspire others within and outside his organization.

“I believe in making an impact every day, and I understand that making a difference doesn’t always require grand or flashy gestures,” says Hastrup. “Sometimes, the most significant impact comes from those who work quietly and subtly. I try to keep this in mind as I manage my startup and navigate daily life. I am grateful to have had many role models and mentors who have guided me along the way.”

Hastrup is passionate about creating fair and equitable deals, ultimately leading to stability and reducing the risk of exploitation. By developing bidding software like PropBidder, he aims to provide both buyers and sellers clarity and transparency in the real estate market.

“Technology has the power to transform society for the better,” says Hastrup. “With the advent of digital devices and the internet, we now have access to more information than ever before and can easily communicate with people all over the world. This has helped to ‘shrink’ the world and has made it easier for smaller players, like startups and property owners, to collaborate.”

Mikael Hastrup believes that technology and platforms can provide valuable information for buyers and sellers, allowing them to make more informed decisions. He also notes that proper communication tools enable different parties to coordinate and act more quickly, which is crucial for success in fast-changing environments.

Hastrup’s expertise in the real estate industry comes from his prior experience in real estate development and lending. He believes that tech solutions work best when you understand the business and industry you’re trying to disrupt. He has immersed himself in the real estate industry, studying the problems that stakeholders face and gaining an on-the-ground understanding of the industry’s challenges.

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